The Power of In One Instant


"This program is highly impactful... easy to implement and extremely effective. I believe that it is essential for schools to come together to share real life lessons with our students in the hopes of helping our kids make successful choices in life. This program saves lives. I hope this program finds its way to other high schools, knowing that distracted driving is the #1 killer of American teens."

- Dr. Pam Magee, Principal, Palisades Charter High School

"To this day the emotional impact of In One Instant has prevented me from making stupid choices, not only behind the wheel, but in every aspect of my life."

- Student

"In One Instant is a powerful program, and our students have expressed a profound appreciation for the message. The multi-faceted approach to the program made it reach a large number of students. We have worked with programs in the past around this topic, and In One Instant made the process simpler and more effective than any other program we have done. Overall, this was a great experience! For other schools considering In One Instant, I highly recommend it for your high school."

- Dr. Dylan Farris, Principal, Culver City High School

"I really had a reality check. This is not the way I need to be living my life. If I'm trying to have fun, it's not worth me dying at the end of the day."

- Student

"As a parent I hope this presentation might reach high schools throughout the country, as the lessons told in In One Instant apply not only to new drivers but to everyone who sits behind the wheel."

- Clay Frohman, Parent

"I'm glad we brought In One Instant to our school because it wasn't just for the kids. All of us can make a stupid mistake without thinking about it."

- Harold Boger, Principal, LACES

"Thank you for the amazing presentation to our students yesterday. I am certain that your work will save countless lives. I sincerely hope we continue to provide this service to our school community."

- Dan Blank, Assistant Principal, University High

"We are still getting wonderful feedback about the program from all over Santa Monica. As soon as we have our calendar open for next year, I will immediately book In One Instant."

- Lisa Golden Balfus, President, Samohi PTSA

"In One Instant made me reconsider a lot of my behaviors, and reconsider speaking up when I see things happening."

- Student

"In One Instant accomplishes the very important job of teaching our students how to make smart choices, how to stay alive, how to stay safe, how to take care of each other. That's the most important gift you can give to a school."

- Monica Iannessa, Assistant Principal, Palisades Charter High School

"The program clearly showed the peer pressure involved between friends, and my son and I realize that we have the right to make a decision that is safe and smart, even if it disappoints friends... We as a family have decided to just TURN THE PHONE OFF WHILE DRIVING. That way we are not distracted by texts or calls, and when we arrive safely, we can return any messages that came in while we were driving."

- Cindy Gruberth, Parent

According to surveys, after experiencing the program, students show significant positive behavioral shifts...

...65% more students won’t text and drive
...80% more students will not drive when intoxicated

Vow to Save a Life