The Power of In One Instant

Engage. Educate. Empower.

In One Instant makes distracted, reckless, and impaired driving personal and relevant. By engaging teens on an emotional level, our award-winning safe driving program teaches teens how to stay safe behind the wheel and influence their friends and family to do the same.

"In One Instant is a powerful program, and our students have expressed a profound appreciation for the message. We have worked with programs in the past around this topic, and In One Instant made the process simpler and more effective than any other program we have done. Overall, this was a great experience! For other schools considering In One Instant, I highly recommend it for your high school."

- Dr. Dylan Farris, former Principal, Culver City High School
current Exectuive Director, Human Resources, El Segundo Unified School District

Designed for use in high schools and community centers, teens learn how to:

  • Stand up to peer pressure
  • Refrain from driving when impaired or driving with impaired drivers
  • Utilize a designated driver
  • Refrain from cell phone use/texting while driving
  • Serve as ambassadors to their peers

Extensive research and testing led us to a two-pronged approach that resonates with teens on an emotional level and fosters change from within.

  • Our 35-minute video program is the first prong: a visceral experience where teens empathize with the stories and characters. In a safe environment, they learn about the big impact that little choices can make. This acts as a springboard to implement behavior change.
  • Our flexible and comprehensive follow-up acts as the second prong. With a strong focus on group discussion, educators lead students to tackle the problem together. Teens begin to appreciate the value of community as they realize how their choices affect others.
  • We have a guide for students where, in addition to driving advice and social tips, we've included a multitude of community service and club opportunities. This creates an incentivized learning experience, providing them with the community service hours needed for graduation while spreading the safe driving message to their local communities year-round.
  • In the Educator's Curriculum, we've included a number of activities (all of them are Common Core ready) that teachers can implement throughout the year - ranging from trivia, to science experiments, to quiet reading, or even competitive games, there's something for every student.
  • Our Parent's Handbook is full of advice, ranging from communication tips and driving advice, to an abundance of additional resources on topics like the teenage brain and parenting techniques.

Our anonymous pre and post program surveys show that 77% more teens won't text and drive after experiencing In One Instant and 91% more students won't drive if impaired.

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