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As a healthcare provider, you are a firsthand witness to the tragedies caused by distracted and reckless driving - the #1 killer of American teens. Entire communities are devastated by the actions of one person who makes a poor choice behind the wheel driving distracted, reckless or impaired. You are uniquely positioned to understand this dire problem and the importance of educating young drivers. Our program, In One Instant, was designed specifically for this purpose.

In One Instant is an award-winning, emotionally charged program that empowers teens to make smart choices and save lives. Informed by years of research in high schools and their communities, working with teens, parents, health and safety professionals, educators, counselors and psychologists, In One Instant speaks directly to teens in an honest and realistic way. It involves teens on an emotional level, bonds them to their community and fosters change from within.

We are enlisting your help to bring this powerful program to teens near you. With our turnkey digital program, In One Instant is easily implemented in high schools, community centers and through hospital- based outreach programs with minimal disruption to existing schedules.

Our 35-minute video program engages teens and acts as a springboard to incite behavior change. After experiencing the video assembly, educators, community leaders or hospital outreach staff lead the students in follow-up discussion and activities, providing teens with the tools they need for long-lasting change. It’s effective, easy to implement, and time efficient - the program can be compressed into an hour or stretched for weeks, depending on schedule availability. And we’ve cut out any guesswork by preparing comprehensive toolkits for administrators and coordinators, educators, parents, and teens.

While the program can be compact, it’s not just a one-off. We provide numerous community service and club opportunities throughout our Teen Guide to cultivate responsibility and keep the safe driving message alive year-round. Plus, it’s a great chance for teens to earn community service hours needed for graduation. Your role in bringing this powerful program to your community has the potential to save lives. We thank you for your help and everything you do for your community. Together we can lead the charge against distracted, reckless, and impaired driving.

Together, we can affect societal change.

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