Our Team

Co-founded by Gail Schenbaum Lawton and Cheryl Wolman Wada

GAIL SCHENBAUM LAWTON Co-founder and President

Gail Schenbaum Lawton

Having recognized the critical need to engage and motivate teens to understand the importance of making smart choices when driving, Gail produced the award winning In One Instant film that lead to the creation of the comprehensive In One Instant program. As President, she continues to produce ongoing segments and oversees the wide-scale launch of the program to high schools and community organizations nationally.

A UCLA graduate, Gail is a former high school teacher and longtime senior executive for studios and production companies. She has developed, sold and produced hundreds of hours of award winning television and film for Warner Bros, Columbia, Universal, Walt Disney, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, PBS, Samuel Goldwyn Jr., Big Idea, and internationally with ITV and the BBC.

Gail has been a founding member of innovative ventures combining education, business and philanthropy, including the Santa Cruz Educational Outreach Program, a hugely successful pilot program for the State of California. She is also a founding member of the Everychild Foundation, which focuses on alleviating the suffering of children in the Los Angeles area, chosen "Outstanding Private Foundation of Los Angeles." Her latest venture is the Umergency app, preparing college students and parents for health and safety emergencies, customized to over 1200 colleges.

SARAH GRIFFIN Director of Outreach

Sarah Griffin

A mother of three sons, Sarah believes in In One Instant's message and feels strongly about empowering teens to make good decisions and to take care of each other. As a Certified Kitchen Designer, Sarah ran her own kitchen design firm for 12 years. Currently, she is the Youth Coordinator Elect for the National League of Young Men Palisades / Brentwood Chapter, and a member of the Pacific Palisades Design Review Board. Sarah and her family are very active with The Children's Music Fund. As Outreach Director, Sarah works with school administrators, teachers, and health professionals to implement the program.

BRYAN DELANEY Director of Outreach

Bryan Delaney

Bryan Delaney is a Communication Management and Design Major at Ithaca College. In high school, Bryan was selected as SADD's (Students Against Destructive Decisions) National Student of the Year. In college he has spearheaded a National Anti-Bullying PSA Campaign for NOYS (Nat'l Orgs for Youth Safety), successfully organized the music benefit concert, "Easthampton Concert for a Cause." He interned at the Office of Safety Advocacy - National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and organized a Global Youth Traffic Safety Month Roundtable with leaders in the transportation safety industry, and the Interactive Global Youth Traffic Safety Month event for the state of Delaware. He recently completed his internship for the Secretary of Transportaion-US Dept of Transportation in Washington DC. Bryan possesses a true passion for communications and a dedication to thinking "outside the box." He utilizes his crusading spirit to combat unsafe driving behaviors by mentoring our In One Instant Student Leaders.


Bradley Bermont

Bradley Bermont graduated from Roger Williams University, and recently received his Masters in Journalism at USC. He joined In One Instant in 2013 as Coordinator and Researcher, facilitating live assemblies and working closely with students from the In One Instant clubs. He became Senior Writer in 2014. He has written for The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, KQED, KPCC, LAist, LA Daily News, Inverse, Mountain Outlaw, and The Inertia. He serves as guest writer for In One Instant.

JULIE CLAIRE GUEST Content Strategist

Julie Claire

Julie Claire graduated from Harvard University. She previously worked on the production team of the Venice Art Walk, a key fundraiser for Venice Family Clinic. She produced the feature film, “Bender” released in 2015, and 2018's doc, "This Is Love." As content strategist, Julie Claire is responsible for the planning, research, and development of video and written components for In One Instant.

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